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TiNDLE recreates ridiculously good chicken, using plants with simple, natural ingredients rich in protein and fiber.

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Green Nudge

Green Nudge supports businesses and communities to create a positive environmental impact through activities, outreach and consulting services.

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The Ugly Food

The Ugly Food operates in the fruits and vegetables space by selling excess or ugly produce, branded products and sustainably sourced goods.

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Crunch Cutlery

Crunch Cutlery provides edible, nutritious cutlery developed though a science-based approach to deliver consistent nutrition with every bite.

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From responsible material sourcing to advocating for workers’ welfare, FairPhone makes phones for a more sustainable electronics industry.

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Activewear made from reclaimed materials and shipped in zero-waste reusable packaging that supports small community enterprises.

Learn more about GNGR Bees

TurtleTree Labs

A biotechnology company pioneering the technology to produce human milk for all humans by using cells to do so.

Learn more about TurtleTree Labs

Ion Mobility

Transforms urban mobility with their intelligent electric motorcycles, driven by their mission for clean air through better mobility.

Learn more about Ion Mobility

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